Welcome to HabboRares please look through what we have in stock as of right now.  If you are looking for a specific Rare type in Ctrl + F and type the name of the item. Please check out both Super Rares and Rares, maybe there is something you like. If there is something you want and we do not have on here please goto the Order Information page and email or add on msn that address, Maybe we just haven't added it yet. Thanks


£ 12.00 


Throne x10

£ 99.99 



£ 13.00 


Bronze Dragon

£ 30.00 


Silver Dragon

£ 60.00 


Gold Dragon

£ 69.99 


Sky Dragon

£ 65.00 



£ 105.00 



Red Bird Bath

£ 20.00 


Blue Bird Bath

£ 20.00 


Gold Bar x 20 (1000 Credits)

£ 17.50 



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